Month: July 2015

As featured on TVBS in Taiwan ” Serious Games has become a global trend and companies cannot find the right talent. People are unemployed and unable to find work – serious games can help solving the problem, with Amsterdam City Hall determined to make it work. It took 500,000 euros funding 13 private projects , to help young men between the ages of 15-27 to find a job. One of the selected plans , the

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IamProgrez is literally a game changer in education. Serious games for youth and young adults can better determine their direction. IAMP’s Projects Talent Quest and Ready4work are hereby officially nominated for a Computable Award. Friday, January 30, 2015 Linda Frietman was allowed to present her projects to the jury part. Friday, February 13, it was announced that five projects have been officially nominated for a Computable Award in the ICT project of the year in education.


What is Ready4Work? How can it help someone find work? What’s the Ready4Work journey from unemployed to employed? All that and more in the Ready4Work Infographic!