Month: September 2015

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I’m sick of the term ‘Gamification’. As Gabe Zichermann succinctly expounded in his insightful piece the term just hitched the Zeitgeist at and raced the memetic highway into everyday lexicon. While the term may be terrible the movement is not. Gamified (a FAR better term) systems for the development and improvement of people work. It’s that simple. IamProgrez and countless other companies wouldn’t be thriving if they didn’t. The proof is in the pudding and

The rate of change on a Global level is now unprecedented: Never before have we faced such a complex and densely interwoven set of social and societal changes, driven by the rapid development and deployment of new technology. The Internet, with a particular emphasis on Social Media, is breaking down entrenched economic and social barriers. We face a critical shift in economic thinking, one that is no longer bound to a process centered on production

Did You Know Through Gamification: Deloitte reduced training times by 50%?   Or that Cisco generated increased sales of 8-12%?   How about the fact that Extraco Bank increased their customer acquisition by 700%!   All this and a ton of great info in the Business Of Gamification INFOGRAPHIC!   Source