Month: October 2015

The 10 Trends that have come to define E-Learning in 2015 From Gamification and M-Learning to Automation and Corporate MOOC’s this fresh Infographic covers some of the defining E-Learning Trends of 2015! Source

Do you know the difference between Gamification and Game Based Learning? All the answers you ever needed illustrated through the handy metaphor of Hopscotch. Source

True Gamification is not about rewarding players To disagree is to build systems that destroy Engagement.Before we get to the defense of that statement I’d prefer to start with a question: “Have you ever tried explaining Gamification to someone who grew up in the 50’s?” Source My fiancee’s Aunt recently asked to me to explain my work and what exactly Gamification is. As part of my explanation I mentioned the rewarding of player behavior to

Did You Know??     There are over 20 impulses that sustain Engagement?     That Curiosity creates a higher level (and more positive) form of Engagement than Fear?     Or that Feedback is a critical component to maintaining Engagement in every Gamified Environment?     All this and so much more in the “Why do Human Beings Engage?” INFOGRAPHIC!     Source