Month: November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! On a slight tweak of Weekly Friday Infographic today we look at why businesses should let employees play games. From Talent Retention and building Employee Bonding to just being damn good for you every company should take a serious look at the benefits of playing games (never mind the obvious Power of Serious Games). There are not one, not two but TWELVE reasons to let your employees play games. Source

Here’s a scary fact: Less than 50% of students in America are proficient in Maths. As the Infographic explains quite succinctly kids would rather ‘eat broccoli than do math’! So do you engage engagement for a subject that’s equivalent in some peoples mind to the worst vegetable the planet has to offer? I’ll give you a hint: Gamification in the form of Game-Based Learning. Source

BETT may be over but it’s Legacy¬† Lives On! IamProgrez’s experience of BETT Singapore has been nothing short of fantastic. Our team has spent listening to some of the most fantastic minds in the business, sharing our expertise with the Asian market and making connections from the Far East to the Middle East. On our final day out team was hard at work networking with some fabulous projects lined up for the future. Although there

It’s been a busy day for IamProgrez here in Singapore! We’ve experienced overwhelming interest in our little company and out flagship product Iam-It. To our great delight we discovered the BETT attendees find Iam-IT not only a natural and easy to use solution but also agree with our assessment of the current problems in the Labor and Education market. It is with great joy we have discovered a vast well of commercial interest in Asia