Month: December 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: 4 REASONS TO USE GAMIFICATION IN 2016 It’s that time of the year when the vast majority of businesses are slowly closing shop for the holidays and entrepreneurs are switching their brains from ‘The Project’ to anything from Food, Family and contemplating the possible horrors that lie in wait for them in ‘best intentions’ gift wrapped presents. In that murky period between the 26th December and the 1st of December, after gallons of grub

It’s official: The Gamification Industry is growing fast, with an expected Market Valuation of $5.5 Billion by 2018. Just let that fact sink in for a moment. From being labelled as anything from ‘Vaporware’ to a ‘Passing Fad’ Gamification is not only now globally recognized but has become one of the hottest and fastest growing tech sectors in the world. The ‘Top Gamification Statistics and Facts for 2015’ Infographic is packed with some very intriguing