Month: January 2016

Although produced in 2014 this Infographic is still highly relevant in 2016. From the level of adoption in Fortune 500 firms to how Gamification can improve E-Learning these are fantastic examples of Gamification in Corporations today (like iam-it) ! We hope you enjoy it and share it widely: Infographic: 30 Facts about Gamification in E-Learning Source

Linda Frietman [CEO] 60k visitors in 4 days at BETT2016 and we were there standing in solidarity with the DutchSchool and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Fantastic event and I was truly proud of sharing our vision of the growing role Gamification plays in Modern Education. First Ones In: Last Ones Out! IamP + The Dutch School @ BETT2016 Huib Langbroek [Co Founder] Educational technology pushes the boundaries of learning and of what we can

We’re all down at BETT 2016 showcasing iam-it in London with our fellow DutchSchool Entrepreneurs and Education is the keyword of the week. We’ve been seeing some amazing innovations at the show (and sharing a little magic of our own) so we thought it appropriate our traditional IamP Friday Infographic take a little look at how technology is evolving Education into a far more effective medium than it ever was (and why). Source

Anyone working in the Gamification sector will tell you: It isn’t all fun and games. After all our industry is all too often stereotyped as being only about making systems more ‘fun’. Just last year I attended the Gamification World Summit and yes there were a lot of fantastic projects focused on transforming boring systems into cool projects. There was however something else going on at the Summit: A deeper undercurrent focused on the undeniable