Month: February 2016

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skill today” We couldn’t agree more. In celebration of educating children in a way they can embrace completely we share this delightful Infographic that showcases just a small selection of the massive array of the tools and services available out there for children in the Age of the Internet. 10 Things Your Kids Can Learn Online (Infographic) Source

Open Education is turning into one of the principle discussion points of Education in 2016. Of particular import is the mechanism by which this open education is delivered. Right now the focus is on two not so dissimilar camps: MOOC’s (Massively Open Online Courses) and OER’s (Open Education Resources). Taking a deeper look into the pro’s, cons, benefits and drawbacks of each this Value Colleges Infographic presents an altogether efficient summary of the situation. INFOGRAPHIC:

Sometimes it feels that Life is just a constant need to monitor your level of skill. Skill proficiencies determine so much of what we do and who are: From how well you did in school, your success or failure in your chosen career path and to some extent the size and makeup of your social life. While you might debate the impact of skill proficiency in your life what cannot be contested is the ‘nightmare’

“Customer programs aren’t the only way that business are using Gamification. They are using it to make their own workers happier and more productive. Companies as diverse as Pep Boys, Google and Bluewolf are taking advantage of people’s innate love of fun and games to influence their behavior” Here’s who, what and how big names are employing Gamification and related techniques to achieve just that. INFOGRAPHIC: HOW TO WIN AT WORK WITH GAMIFICATION Source