Month: April 2016

It’s A Flattened Kirkpatrick Model Made Awesome From business and performance goals to embracing collaborative learning methodology this Infographic covers all the bases and is a great ‘Stay Focused’ Infographic to keep handy when you want to build an online training solution properly. Enjoy! Source

Utrecht, The Netherlands: April 25, 2016 IT company Caesar ProPredict is proud to announce the launch of the Caesar ProPredict recruitment game (Powered by iam-it) IT company Caesar ProPredict and Serious Game builder IamProgrez have teamed up in the recruitment of the very best in IT talent. As of today it is possible for job seekers to find a position within Caesar ProPredict by completing challenges in the Caesar ProPredict Recruitment Game and by doing

From Cinderella and Ariel to Snow White and Mulan – The Disney Princesses stand ready to offer advice on eLearning Design This is a FANTASTIC example of creative thinking and we highly recommend you read the free eBook by Ethan Edwards these where inspired by. Not only are they insightful (and a joy to read) but more importantly these tips are actionable and memorable through the princess’s lens they are delivered through. Source

“When you’re assessing Soft Skills modelling for choice and consequence are paramount” A lot of the work we do here at IamP focuses on the testing for, and the assessment of, Soft Skills. It’s at the core of every game environment we build for our Clients and there’s a range of good reasons why that is. I’m not here to talk about all the technical and psychological structures that go into that: If you’re looking