Month: May 2016

This is the most psychedelic process summary of injecting ‘fun’ into User Experience you will ever see With a choice of 7 touch points Jonathan Lupo succinctly covers the elements that need to be looked after if your User experience is going to be a fun one. The entire gamut is covered from designing to Device (not OS) and the role of challenge and rivalry to making sure that Rewards should be never overwhelming nor

“eLearning localization (really any localization project) is more than just mere translation.” Like any well planned process it requires a well planned roll out within a logical framework. EIDesign’s ‘Top 10 Tips on eLearning Localization that actually add value” Infographic is a handy tool in building that framework. From removing unnecessary work (untranslatable components) to ensuring there are no cultural language errors or insults (cultural nuances) this 10 step Infographic can go a long way

‘Game2Work!’ ‘Game your way to work.” That could be the new weapon for the Adecco Group Netherlands commitment to its Way to Work campaign with a particular focus on young job-seekers. The new weapon is a Serious Game, developed by IamProgrez. Anyone can play the game online via or via the special Facebook page Way to Work Netherlands. Way to Work, started in 2013, is an international campaign that CSR Adecco deploys worldwide in