Month: June 2016

Source: thomaswievegg The future applications for Virtual Reality appear awesome. Healthcare, Education, Gaming and of course Gamification ‘appear’ to be ripe for disruption. VR’s ability to create almost any virtual environment you can imagine/code might be a Gamification game-changer: VR could deliver environments and simulations that could redefine how we increase engagement, new and tools for measurement and increase our assessment capabilities. At the very least it could become a powerful tool in Gamification’s commitment

“I haven’t felt like that since I was a little kid” – Student Virtual Reality (VR) in the classroom delivers (as this Infographic defines it) the ability for learners to travel from their desks to anywhere they can imagine. VR both as a technology and a tool for learning has great potential to change the way students learn. It also poses interesting challenges for teachers as they grapple with this technology and navigate the path

I am delighted to announce that posse of color obsessed hoodlums aka ‘The Designers’ have left the building. Calm has now thankfully returned after last week’s Warhol madness. It would be a scene of calm except for all the drool and moaning.