Month: September 2016

Only gamify an experience where it’s worth it. Distracting the user with needless rewards only cheapens the Gamification concept If I could get a pound for every time I’ve seen this happen on websites and platforms I’d be a millionaire. As the Infographic states rewarding a student for logging in is bad design. How many websites or forums have you used that rewarded you at least 2 badges within an hour of using it? Ridiculous!

The Office smells like a mixture of static discharge, sweat, wonder and caffeine. It’s the aroma of building something awesome (We’re thinking of bottling it and making it our official Cologne – YouAreBusy™) The upcoming deployment of Ready4Work  has consumed us all. Once tanned faces are now pallid and pale.Coders taking  power naps while their fingers continuing to code in the open air. I’ve got matchsticks keeping my eyes open as I write this. We’re

IamProgrez is proud to have worked again with ID College It has to be said the students were brave, battling temperatures that rose to almost 35c, to complete their ID College intake. To understand why we’re working with ID College and how we are helping them and their students requires a little context: Right now in the Netherlands (and across Europe in general) there are a lot of students who have difficulty in choosing the