Month: December 2016

New gamification recruitment technology targets millennials entering global job market AMSTERDAM, 16 December 2016 – IamProgrez, an innovative Dutch startup and winner of the ‘BETT 2016 Innovation Award in Higher Education’, is revolutionizing the job recruitment market. Utilizing cutting-edge Gamification technology to accurately profile millennials entering the workforce the company makes matching job seekers with their ideal company frictionless. Making its U.S. debut, IamProgrez, will bring its innovative technology to CES® 2017, exhibiting within the

“60% of graduates carry an amount of debt that is equal to 60% of their annual income” We all know the cost of traditional learning has become ridiculous but its quotes like that which put this terrible situation in perspective. Doubly so when you realize this Infographic was published in 2014! It’s also a fantastic source of real MOOC student data. The “Massive” in Massive Online Learning Course has not come to pass. The median