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By: Linda Frietman The statistics on the global talent crisis are shocking. A recent survey reported we haven’t seen talent shortages like these since 2007. From Intel reporting ‘countries and businesses’ strategically vulnerable, to companies discovering soft skills like ‘critical thinking’ are in short supply, businesses and governments are scrambling to solve these problems. As both a female Entrepreneur and a Founder that’s spent years creating gamified talent and assessment solutions internationally I have acquired

IamProgrez is proud to have worked again with ID College It has to be said the students were brave, battling temperatures that rose to almost 35c, to complete their ID College intake. To understand why we’re working with ID College and how we are helping them and their students requires a little context: Right now in the Netherlands (and across Europe in general) there are a lot of students who have difficulty in choosing the

Sometimes it feels that Life is just a constant need to monitor your level of skill. Skill proficiencies determine so much of what we do and who are: From how well you did in school, your success or failure in your chosen career path and to some extent the size and makeup of your social life. While you might debate the impact of skill proficiency in your life what cannot be contested is the ‘nightmare’