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Only gamify an experience where it’s worth it. Distracting the user with needless rewards only cheapens the Gamification concept If I could get a pound for every time I’ve seen this happen on websites and platforms I’d be a millionaire. As the Infographic states rewarding a student for logging in is bad design. How many websites or forums have you used that rewarded you at least 2 badges within an hour of using it? Ridiculous!

From Cinderella and Ariel to Snow White and Mulan – The Disney Princesses stand ready to offer advice on eLearning Design This is a FANTASTIC example of creative thinking and we highly recommend you read the free eBook by Ethan Edwards these where inspired by. Not only are they insightful (and a joy to read) but more importantly these tips are actionable and memorable through the princess’s lens they are delivered through. Source

Anyone working in the Gamification sector will tell you: It isn’t all fun and games. After all our industry is all too often stereotyped as being only about making systems more ‘fun’. Just last year I attended the Gamification World Summit and yes there were a lot of fantastic projects focused on transforming boring systems into cool projects. There was however something else going on at the Summit: A deeper undercurrent focused on the undeniable

True Gamification is not about rewarding players To disagree is to build systems that destroy Engagement.Before we get to the defense of that statement I’d prefer to start with a question: “Have you ever tried explaining Gamification to someone who grew up in the 50’s?” Source My fiancee’s Aunt recently asked to me to explain my work and what exactly Gamification is. As part of my explanation I mentioned the rewarding of player behavior to