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You keep on learning new things even when you have started your career. Improving on your skills and acquiring new knowledge can give you a head start on the labor market. A life long learning should and will be a more sought after goal for a lot of organisations. We all should be enabled to keep on learning and developing ourselves throughout our career. Source

“It’s infographics like these that help stop the Education sector running screaming from the mishmash of terms in the Gamification Industry” As usual the field of gamification and game learning is awash in terms, terminology, misconceptions and confusion. If that’s the case for the Industry what do you think that makes teachers, students and parents make of the whole thing? That’s where wonderful infographics like this one come in. They easily break down concepts and

“eLearning localization (really any localization project) is more than just mere translation.” Like any well planned process it requires a well planned roll out within a logical framework. EIDesign’s ‘Top 10 Tips on eLearning Localization that actually add value” Infographic is a handy tool in building that framework. From removing unnecessary work (untranslatable components) to ensuring there are no cultural language errors or insults (cultural nuances) this 10 step Infographic can go a long way

It’s A Flattened Kirkpatrick Model Made Awesome From business and performance goals to embracing collaborative learning methodology this Infographic covers all the bases and is a great ‘Stay Focused’ Infographic to keep handy when you want to build an online training solution properly. Enjoy! Source