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By: Linda Frietman The statistics on the global talent crisis are shocking. A recent survey reported we haven’t seen talent shortages like these since 2007. From Intel reporting ‘countries and businesses’ strategically vulnerable, to companies discovering soft skills like ‘critical thinking’ are in short supply, businesses and governments are scrambling to solve these problems. As both a female Entrepreneur and a Founder that’s spent years creating gamified talent and assessment solutions internationally I have acquired

IamProgrez Founder Linda Frietmann op de CES 2017 legt uit waarom ons gamified assessment zeer gewild is in de recruitment en educatie sectoren.

IamProgrez Co-Founder Huib Langbroek at CES 2017 breaking down why our gamified assessment technology is in high demand in the Recruitment and Education sectors! Source

Only gamify an experience where it’s worth it. Distracting the user with needless rewards only cheapens the Gamification concept If I could get a pound for every time I’ve seen this happen on websites and platforms I’d be a millionaire. As the Infographic states rewarding a student for logging in is bad design. How many websites or forums have you used that rewarded you at least 2 badges within an hour of using it? Ridiculous!