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You keep on learning new things even when you have started your career. Improving on your skills and acquiring new knowledge can give you a head start on the labor market. A life long learning should and will be a more sought after goal for a lot of organisations. We all should be enabled to keep on learning and developing ourselves throughout our career. Source

“We’ve come a LONG way in how content is delivered in any Sector – from Corporate to Education. From the roots of ‘distance learning’ to the rapid innovation in Mobile Learning this Infographic covers it all” I remember when I was younger watching Gov sponsored Education TV that taught extra lessons in the afternoon to kids at home. From maths to languages the lessons ran every week day from 3-5pm, and there I was most

“It’s infographics like these that help stop the Education sector running screaming from the mishmash of terms in the Gamification Industry” As usual the field of gamification and game learning is awash in terms, terminology, misconceptions and confusion. If that’s the case for the Industry what do you think that makes teachers, students and parents make of the whole thing? That’s where wonderful infographics like this one come in. They easily break down concepts and

“60% of graduates carry an amount of debt that is equal to 60% of their annual income” We all know the cost of traditional learning has become ridiculous but its quotes like that which put this terrible situation in perspective. Doubly so when you realize this Infographic was published in 2014! It’s also a fantastic source of real MOOC student data. The “Massive” in Massive Online Learning Course has not come to pass. The median