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“We’ve come a LONG way in how content is delivered in any Sector – from Corporate to Education. From the roots of ‘distance learning’ to the rapid innovation in Mobile Learning this Infographic covers it all” I remember when I was younger watching Gov sponsored Education TV that taught extra lessons in the afternoon to kids at home. From maths to languages the lessons ran every week day from 3-5pm, and there I was most

“Nearly 80% of learners claim they would be more productive if their work was more game-like” With the Top 5 Corporate Learning Trends for 2016 being Game-Based learning, Mobile learning, Video-Based learning, Micro Learning and Informal Learning there is a lot of space in this sector for innovation in the way education and training are delivered. It should also be pointed out that these categories aren’t mutually exclusive but rather inclusive: It’s quite easy to

“For the past six years, ELI has surveyed its higher education community to determine key issues & opportunities in post-secondary teaching & learning.” As you will clearly see Gamification will play a key role in the critical issues and vital sectors for Education in 2016. Of particular interest will be the areas of E-Learning, Skill Assessment, OER’s and MOOC’s and Mobile Learning. In short: All areas currently or soon to be hot sectors for Innovation

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skill today” We couldn’t agree more. In celebration of educating children in a way they can embrace completely we share this delightful Infographic that showcases just a small selection of the massive array of the tools and services available out there for children in the Age of the Internet. 10 Things Your Kids Can Learn Online (Infographic) Source