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IamProgrez is proud to have worked again with ID College It has to be said the students were brave, battling temperatures that rose to almost 35c, to complete their ID College intake. To understand why we’re working with ID College and how we are helping them and their students requires a little context: Right now in the Netherlands (and across Europe in general) there are a lot of students who have difficulty in choosing the

WRAAAAGHHHHH I am delighted to announce that posse of color obsessed hoodlums aka ‘The Designers’ have left the building. Calm has now thankfully returned after last week’s Warhol madness. It would be a scene of calm except for all the drool and moaning. Yes the interns are still here. Most have returned to the work unscathed after the ‘Research’ but a few sadly just mill around in the boardroom drooling and occasionally nibbling on our

Oh boy are the Designers having ‘FUN’ this week I personally think the whole thing was an inside joke at our expense. You see it’s all about Brand colors this week at HQ. We’re deciding what aligns with us going forward. THAT I get. What I don’t get is their incessant need to ask me my opinion of several gradients of a single color. I may think one color is ‘green’ but no I’m a