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Oh boy are the Designers having ‘FUN’ this week I personally think the whole thing was an inside joke at our expense. You see it’s all about Brand colors this week at HQ. We’re deciding what aligns with us going forward. THAT I get. What I don’t get is their incessant need to ask me my opinion of several gradients of a single color. I may think one color is ‘green’ but no I’m a

You’ve probably noticed the website has gone ‘poof‘. It’s doesn’t mean we’ve stopped building the finest Gamification tools and games known to Homo Sapiens. I decided while the website is down our colleagues, clients and fans deserve a little peak into what’s going on until we’re back up. So why did we ‘Go Ninja“? I could say a horde of monkeys stormed our servers for all the bad banana puns we’ve used over the last