We are a dynamic multi market Dutch SaaS company that has developed HRtechnology that strives to deliver the best solution to our clients. Our ITsolutions help our clients built the workforce they need.
We are passionate about people and data.

New technologies

Our data driven technology & approach maximizes people’s potential anddelivers the best data insights to our clients. Using data analytics, machinelearning & gamification techniques on a cutting edge platform delivered as aSaas to our clients. Microsoft ISV partner.

Smart solutions

Our solutions help clients built the workforce they need to thrive and grow.
Students & future employees are being enabled to maximize their potentialby giving them insights into their talent, skills and competences.


Our technology & solutions actively supports and has relevant track records inthe following SDG’s:
4: Quality Education
8: Decent work & economic growth
In a slighty lesser way, but we can still deliver a certain amount of impact:
1: No poverty
5: Gender equality



Creating pathways that allow people to show who they are through the data they create

Creating technology to maximize people’s potential and to help organisations grow and thrive

Deliver worldscale impact to this generation – our future workforce- through our game technology


The world changes faster than ever, never before have we faced such large and complex social and societal challenges. The rate of development of new and innovative technologies is supersonic. Whole industries are now in a digital transformation phase.

Combine those factors with the global change in economics, where you see a shift away from production processes modeled on growth and production, towards more creative think and design processes in order to solve problems. In this economic reality the current and the next generations need to operate, thrive and find their way. This is changing the landscape of employment.

The definition of a productive employee has morphed over time. Not only is an individual expected to hit the ground running, but employees are also asked to continuously grow and develop (lifelong learning). Organizations now need and demand human capital that are not only successful on the job now, but also has skills that will remain valuable in the future and during the digital transformation phase to facilitate their growth.

This means organizations are looking for employees that can solve problems, are highly adaptable, creative, have a lot of imagination, can collaborate to form innovation driven teams and have critical thinking skills.

In this world where constant changes are the new normal, nothing is set in stone, skills that are coveted today are different than skills a year from now. It is our vision & passion to create technology that is able to build de skillset of the workforce of the future.


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