Discover your unique set of softskills. 

Find the right job that fits your skills best.

Take ultimate charge of your future.


Why future proof skills

Whether in your current job or future job applications: Future proof skills are a key element to your path of personal growth and success.

Awareness of your unique and personal soft skill set helps you to be more effective and productive in any personal or professional activity. After all, doing what you can do best is more fun, cost less energy and it helps you determine which career path fits your personal features best.

Gain personal insight
Unleash your potential
Increase your career opportunities
Be more productive
Widen your horizon
Be in charge of your future

How it works

iamProgrez revolutionizes the already existing war on talent by utilizing cutting-edge gamification technology. Experience the empowering effect of your accurate and unique soft skill profile in ways that are more fun, less intrusive and far more revealing than any other assessment tool can produce. Even if you’re not looking for your next career move (yet).

What we do

We assess and map your unique set of future proof (soft) skills, report straight back to you which of your soft skills wanted by future employers. Your assessment report will not be shared with anyone but yourself, and at any time you remain the sole owner of your personal data.

Daisy, 29

The IamProgrez assessment visualized my skills and enriched my resume. This addition to my resume helped me to stand out of the crowd and has helped me to get hired for the job I really wanted!

Hidde, 32

I didn’t know I was stuck in the wrong project and in the wrong team until I realized what my true strengths are. The IamProgrez assessment made me find the right position at my current employer. I never knew I could experience so much joy in my work.

Ahmed, 46

Both in my professional and in my personal life I have become so much more productive now I know what I am good at. And knowing what I’m not good at helps me to ask the right question to the right person. I have totally become aware of the importance of soft skills.