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Increase team performance, efficiency and profitability.

Match talent to opportunity.


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Effective preselection
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Increase productivity
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Why we assess future proof skills

Whether in preselection, recruitment, team building, project- or talent management: Future proof skills are a key element to the success of your organization.

Active management of employees’ soft skill sets in line with company culture and business goals makes companies more competitive and productive, at lower cost.

How we assess

iamProgrez revolutionizes the world of human resources by utilizing cutting-edge gamification technology. We accurately profile (future) employees in ways that are more fun, less intrusive and far more revealing than standard recruitment- and assessment procedures.

What we do

We assess and map the unique set of your organizational desired future proof (soft)skills set, company culture and vibe; wrapped up in a gamified assessment, tailored to your organization.

Matching (future) employees with your company- or even job profile, we ensure that your business gets the employee you want and need at any moment within your HR cycle or production process. Your personalized dash board helps you manage employee soft skills -from hiring ‘til firing.