Meet the latest assessment needs of your clients. 

Add strategic value to your portfolio.

Grow your own business by growing other businesses.


Why future proof skills

Does your company provide HR services, ranging from recruitment and head hunting to talent management, team building, project management or even sick leave management and are you looking for ways to expand business opportunities in an innovative way? Or do you simply need assessments on a regular basis in order to help organizations perform better and more efficiently, but you’ve had enough of the conservative and expensive old school assessment approach? Becoming exclusive partner of iamProgrez might be the solution.

Meet nowadays assessment requirements
Be as lean and meaningful as you can be
Stay top of mind
Grow your business
Increase profit
Work with us

HOW we assess

IamProgrez revolutionizes the world of human resources by utilizing cutting-edge gamification technology. We accurately profile (future) employees’ soft skills sets in ways that are more fun, less intrusive and far more revealing than standard recruitment- and assessment procedures. And we help you match soft skill sets with the required soft skills of any specific position and/or company culture, in order to offer unique added value to your clients.


Worldwide, we look for partners we can help grow both their and our business with. Are you interested in how we can work together?