Discover your unique set of soft skills. 

Find jobs that match your strengths.

Take ultimate charge of your career.


Gain personal insight
Unleash your potential
Increase your employment opportunities
Be more productive
Widen your horizon
Be in charge of your future

WHY future proof skills

Whether in (school) projects, internships, jobs or future job applications: Future proof skills are a key element to your path of personal growth and success. Awareness of your unique and personal soft skill set helps you to be more effective and productive in any personal or professional activity. After all, doing what you can do best is more fun and costs less energy. And it helps you determine which career path fits your personal features best.

HOW it works

iamProgrez revolutionizes the already existing war on talent by utilizing cutting-edge gamification technology. Experience the empowering effect of your accurate and unique soft skills profile in ways that are more fun, less intrusive and far more revealing than any other assessment tool can produce. Even before you have had your first real job.

WHAT you get

We assess and map your unique set of future proof (soft) skills, report straight back to you which of your soft skills wanted by future employers.
Your assessment report will not be shared with anyone, and at any time you are the owner of your data.

Ginger, 19

Knowing how to study has made my life so much easier! And as a bonus now I know which roles I (don’t) want to accept in team work at my university. It is more fun to study now.

Karimah, 21

Ready4Work helped me to pinpoint the starting point of my career. It helped me to find the right internship to gain my first relevant working experience.

David, 17

At secondary school no one really helped me to find the study that fitted me best. Doing the Ready4Work assessment made me understand I look for an education that has less theory and more real practice, instead of trying to get into university.