What we dream about

We want people and businesses to grow to their fullest potential by taking advantage of the insight in their desired and available skills and strengths. Whether in education, work or both. Simply because we know they can.

What we see

Organizations perform better, more efficiently and at lower cost if they acknowledge the true value of the match between company culture (as a part of a job profile) and the unique set of skills & strengths of any (future) employee. And organizations perform even better if that match takes place at all levels of the organization, not only at C-level. Regardless whether these costs relate to recruitment, HR-management, career development or productivity because employees have joy in what they’re doing.

We see lots of people with great skills and strengths but without access to the jobs they fit best since they lack the diplomas. And simultaneously we see lots of people with great diplomas in jobs they don’t fit, since they lack the skills and strengths to fit the company culture or job profile. And strangely enough we see only small amounts of people (mostly at managerial levels) being assessed in a classical manner, leaving the vast majority of employees that do the actual work unassessed with regard to their highly relevant company-related soft skills.

What we want

We want anyone to experience the empowering effect of utilizing professional possibilities based on their unique set of skills and strengths. Being in charge of your own professional environment and future gives peace of mind. Knowing your own super strengths gives perspective and brings joy to what you do. Whether you work on managerial level or not.

And we want organizations to take full advantage of their (future) employees’ skills and strengths, especially within the context of their company culture, goals and markets. Active and unbiassed skills management increases quality and efficiency. At each level within the organization.

What we do

We revolutionize the world of human resources by utilizing cutting-edge gamification technology. We accurately profile (future) employees in ways that are more fun, less intrusive and far more revealing than standard recruitment- and assessment procedures. And we’re the only assessment provider to offer this as a service, allowing organizations to provide assessments at all levels within their organization.

Our core values


We are totally open about how we work, while data are fully owned by the individual who is being assessed. No hidden tricks. We utterly respect individual integrity and see this as the only way to build a long-lasting relationship with both candidates, students and organizations.


Our core business is to develop innovative, reliable and proven effective AI and machine learning, in order to continuously improve the quality and reliability of our assessments. At IamProgrez we intend to never stop growing, in the interest of achieving our dream.


We play hard while working hard. As a part of our company culture and policy, we try to have as much fun as possible while achieving great and relevant break throughs in the assessment and employment market. Holmes and Watson, our office dogs, help us realize every day that playing and having fun in life are easy to combine with work.


We realize that development and provision of skills assessments comes with high responsibility. We daily challenge and discuss our ethical standards, finding our basis in the professional code of conduct of our psychologist and Dutch ICT ethical standards. We strive to showcase the highest possible (ethical) responsibility, both internally as well as in the implementation and usage by our clients.

Our leadership

Linda Frietman
Huib Langbroek
Melior Hoekstra
Edwin Levels


North America

Middle east & North africa