Minecraft skill builder

Adding our Game skill Builder to Minecraft Education has changed the educational landscape of game-based learning. Minecraft Education Skill Builder enables teachers, students and parents to measure 21st century skills (made visible in 21st century skill certificates), which can also be connected to learning objectives, while playing Minecraft.

Choose your world,
craft your skills

Minecraft Skill Builder:

  • Turns Minecraft Education (ME) into a learning tool instead of a game
  • Fulfills the need of the Schools to embed ME in their lessons
  • Registers the progress of the students and monitor the learning goals
  • Delivers personalized student results in skill certificates
  • Measures 21st century skills through players actions
  • No need to change anything in the ME software
  • Single sign on and works within Teams.

Learn more about some of our audacious minecraft-projects:

Chaos at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Here it is chaos in the museum! All the paintings are out of place and are scattered around the Hall of Fame together with various objects, animals and people. Can you find The Night Watch, The Milkmaid and The Threatened Swan within 30 minutes and hang them back in the right place before the museum visitors come?

Players look for different works of art and make assignments for them. With hints you can link everything lying around in the Hall of Fame to the paintings. Is everything back in place? Then the museum can open its doors to visitors without any problems.

We built the entrance hall of the museum in Minecraft, players need to put the art or pieces of the art in the right painting at the right place. All participants received a 21st Century Skill Certificate at the end.

Minecraft traffic education at school

VVN Minecraft Traffic Education is the latest award-winning innovation of the VVN Traffic Method. You use the popular game Minecraft in your traffic lesson. Children (group 5/6 and group 7/8) practice in the virtual world of Minecraft with what they have learned in the traffic lesson.

VVN Minecraft Traffic Education is part of the VVN Traffic Method and winner of the NOT Innovation Award for both primary and special primary education.

We built a city where children have to ride their bike and encounter multipletraffic scenes which they need to make safer. This way children will have their bike driving theory lessons.

Time travel at Uppåkra

Local students come to the site to join scientists in digging at Uppåkra, a metropolis discovered in southern Sweden that served as a center of power from 100 BC to 1000 AD. Now this experience is available to students worldwide through Minecraft Education Edition.

With a grant from Microsoft and the help of Minecraft developers, Uppåkra’s education team created a virtual, interactive excavation site. Minecraft Uppåkra is created at the same time as the actual excavation, giving students the opportunity to discover new excavations and interact with the scientists involved in the excavation. IamProgrez powers the Skillbuilder for this project.


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