INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Reasons to Use Gamification in 2016


It’s that time of the year when the vast majority of businesses are slowly closing shop for the holidays and entrepreneurs are switching their brains from ‘The Project’ to anything from Food, Family and contemplating the possible horrors that lie in wait for them in ‘best intentions’ gift wrapped presents.

In that murky period between the 26th December and the 1st of December, after gallons of grub and brew consumed, most of us begin to contemplate the coming year. When it comes to our business we start thinking about the challenges and opportunities ahead, what direction our sector will take and how do I ever tell that man from accounting about his challenging body odor.

IamProgrez believes a vast majority of companies and entrepreneurs will be thinking about some aspect of Gamification. If the response from the Champions of Industry we met at BETT indicates anything Gamification is a burning issue and the competition next year is going to produce some of the greatest innovations yet.

24×7 Learning has been thinking about that future and has produced the ‘4 Reasons to Use Gamification in 2016’. While we would argue there’s a lot more than just 4 it’s a beautiful little Infographic that is sure to at least more firmly the cement the need for Gamification in the minds of those who, after Christmas, who will spending more than just a little time contemplating their corporate future.

Enjoy the ‘4 Reasons to use Gamification in 2016 Infographic’

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