INFOGRAPHIC: How Technology Is Reshaping Modern Education

We’re all down at BETT 2016 showcasing iam-it in London with our fellow DutchSchool Entrepreneurs and Education is the keyword of the week.

We’ve been seeing some amazing innovations at the show (and sharing a little magic of our own) so we thought it appropriate our traditional IamP Friday Infographic take a little look at how technology is evolving Education into a far more effective medium than it ever was (and why).


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One Response to “INFOGRAPHIC: How Technology Is Reshaping Modern Education”

January 27, 2016 at 10:17 pm, Alex said:

Interesting article, I feel there is a balance between analog and digital that needs to be worked out in education. Musically for example I find making music on a computer is terribly unsatisfying and stressful as compared to on a guitar which is relaxing and even zen. Probably many students feel less satisfied by too much computer interaction generally.



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