Technology that supports organisations to build the workforce they need now and in the future

We assess potential of talent at the next level

We are a dynamic multi market Dutch SaaS company that has developed HR technology that strives to deliver the best solution to our clients.
Our technology helps to build the workforce you need now and in the future.

We are passionate about people and data.

Our solutions help you built the workforce you need to thrive and grow. Students & future employees are being enabled to maximize their potential by giving them insights into their talent, skills, and competences.
Starting with our thoroughly designed assessments, through our Game-assessments up to tailormade components for your corporate academy.

One Platform, 4 services

Digital assesments

Extensive portfolio of validated digital skill assessments

Game Skill Builder

Game data to job skill translator for recruitment/HR

Minecraft Skill Builder

21st Century certificates. Learning goals made visible in Minecraft


The gamers resume. Gamers data translated to skills for a unique Gamers resume

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