21st Century Skills Assessment

In today’s rapidly changing world, keeping your skills up to date is essential.
Our 21st Century Skills Assessment allows you to measure and map your skills so that you are better prepared to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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Why are 21st-century skills important for your organization?

Securing employees with 21st-century skills is crucial at a time of unprecedented technological change and digital transformation. They enable individuals and organizations not only to meet current challenges, but also to overcome those of the future, ensuring success in a dynamic world.

What does our assessment measure ?

Our assessment uses the 21st century skills definition from the SLO to determine which skills you have mastered. We measure not only skills, but also 52 individual characteristics that represent those skills. This provides detailed insight into your behavior, traits and dealings with others.

A unique assessment with personal profiles

Our comprehensive measurement creates a unique profile for each participant. This profile is formed by the measured skills and corresponding preferred behaviors. We do not offer standard levels, but indicate whether your score is high, average or low relative to the norm. This will give you a clear overview of your strengths and areas of development.

Within all of our assessments, we use gamification elements.

What are the 21st-century skills?

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is essential for making informed decisions and evaluating information. The ability to analyze information, assess value and examine your own thought processes is invaluable.

Creative thinking and action

Creative thinking and action is the ability to generate new and applicable ideas and think outside the box. It includes daring to take risks, approaching mistakes positively and having an entrepreneurial attitude.

Problem-solving thinking and action

Problem-solving thinking and action is recognizing problems, analyzing them and finding appropriate solutions are key components of problem-solving thinking. It includes selecting and applying different strategies and making well thought out decisions.

Computational thinking

Computational thinking provides you with the tools needed to understand and use modern information technology.

Information skills

Information skills enables people to discern valuable insights from a wide range of information sources. An individual with strong information skills can not only collect data, but also filter them purposefully and turn them into strategic goals and practical solutions.

Media literacy

Media literacy gives you the ability to use various forms of media (such as print media, digital platforms, and social media) for communication, information gathering, or business purposes.


Communicate is the ability to convey messages clearly, understand them and choose appropriate means of communication is essential for success both personally and professionally.


Cooperation is effective collaboration, recognizing different roles and being open to diverse ideas, is vital to achieving shared goals.

Social and cultural skills

Social and cultural skills are the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with people from different social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds is invaluable in promoting an inclusive society and increasing understanding and respect.


Self-regulation includes the ability to act independently, take responsibility for your own choices and goals, and develop a critical attitude toward your own behavior and decisions.


Leadership plays a critical role in leading organizations through the complex landscape of data in today’s information society.

Continuous improvement

We strive to maximize the validity of our assessment. Therefore, we constantly monitor the validity of the questionnaire and apply gamification elements when necessary to improve the user experience. This way, we guarantee that you have an accurate and enjoyable experience while taking the questionnaire.

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