Cultural change

Cultural change involves altering behaviors within an organization. This can take on various forms, of course. A good example is making certain interaction rules more concrete. Many companies aim to provide their employees with constructive feedback. Their goal is to create a positive culture where feedback can be openly exchanged. However, this goal is quite vague. Giving feedback can be approached in various ways, and not everyone will provide feedback in the same manner. Moreover, individuals might bring in feedback that is not relevant to the current issue. Hence, it’s better to set specific goals: What agreements can we establish to help each other work more systematically?

By effecting a change in the culture within a team or organization, you enable employees to work more efficiently and effectively toward their goals. It’s important to listen to the employees for this purpose. Where do they see room for improvement? It’s challenging to dictate from a top-down perspective what needs to change in the culture to enhance collaboration. Therefore, incorporate employees’ input into the cultural change. To gain a better understanding of this, creating a blueprint of the employees is possible. Using a blueprint, it becomes apparent where employees are performing well and where cultural change can take place. Once there is a clearer insight, managers can take the lead in promoting cultural change. When leaders demonstrate their involvement in cultural change, it motivates employees to do the same.

The ultimate purpose of cultural change is to create a better and more positive working atmosphere for employees. They understand what they need to do and how to execute it effectively. They see that managers listen to their input and can contribute their own thoughts on what changes they would like to see. Consequently, over the long term, you’ll have happier employees who work more efficiently. They will also actively seek ways to make things easier and more productive for themselves and the team.

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