Effectively gaining insight into the untapped potential of your employees?

Due to the new developments in digitization, it can sometimes be challenging to keep track of your employees. Nowadays, the majority of the organization is working remotely, and it can be difficult to stay informed about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. How can you gain effective and quick insight into the talents of your employees? Or how is the employability of your staff? This is where a talent review can offer a solution.

A talent review is a way to map the existing talents, knowledge, and skills of employees within an organization. This is then compared to the desired talents, knowledge, and skills, and potential learning paths or solutions are discussed together. We can assist an organization in determining its strategy through a talent review. What areas does the company want to focus on in the future, and what skills are required for that? We develop a blueprint profile of the ideal employee based on the current employees’ soft skill levels.

A macro assessment is a tailor-made assessment specialized for the client and dependent on the client’s specific situation. An investigation is carried out to gather more information about the situation for which the organization is seeking a solution. This research is methodical and executed according to a step-by-step plan. To substantiate this, we use existing models and methodologies, such as the Bridge model or the Job Characteristics Model. The outcome of the research is a customized assessment that meets the client’s requirements and is based on soft skills.

With the desired skill profile of your employees, the organization can:
– Make better pre-selections by hiring employees who better ‘fit’ the organizational culture.
– Use insights into the tasks and responsibilities of specific employees to develop their respective roles. This can highlight qualities that can be improved or roles (within a team) that need to be assumed to enhance departmental productivity.
– Create a better alignment between employees and the work culture, the Person-Environment fit (P-E fit).
– Optimize the relevant roles (which in turn impacts employee satisfaction, departmental effectiveness, and optimization).


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