Game skills

Every gamer is a potential top talent without even realizing it. Now that gaming has become the world’s largest entertainment industry and gaming is becoming more integrated into everyone’s daily lives, it’s high time to explore the potential of those game skills. At iamprogrez, we’ve cracked this puzzle. By analyzing games, especially specific dynamics within them, we can measure the real-life skills and qualities you possess. This way, you can translate all those hours of gaming into relevant skills for your career.

How does it work? As a gamer, you can easily describe different types of gamers. You probably have that one friend who always plays support in all games, or that one who only aims for the highest KDA but never captures objectives. This already shows that we all have our preferences in how we like to play games. Aside from that, playing games actually hones several essential real-life skills. Think about all the strategic decisions you have to make. Or those moments when you managed to collaborate with four strangers to secure a win. The skills you develop from this are also crucial in real life.

Games are essentially designed to measure behavior. After all, you want to know exactly who’s better. What we do next is look at that same data and translate it into qualities and skills needed to successfully complete those actions. This way, without any extra effort on your part, we can immediately see from your top 5 most played games which skills and qualities you possess in real life.

Defence Pilot

Recycling all those gaming hours into real skills is great, but what’s the use? With a proof of concept for measuring skills in games, we connected with the Defense. Defense is actively seeking new recruits and is eager to explore new ways of recruiting people. You might be thinking, “I play a lot of FPS games, so I could join Defense,” but that’s not entirely accurate. The majority of jobs in the Defense have nothing to do with shooting. There are roles involving resource management and ensuring things are in the right place on time. Not too different from what you’d do in an average RTS game.

Now that we can translate game profiles, we can offer gamers insights into their career options within the Defense. We’ve participated in several gaming events where we challenge gamers to play with or against members of the Defense. We assess the skills of attendees, and they can see which functional areas align with their game profiles. So far, we’ve achieved great results with this approach, and we’ve even attracted new applicants.

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