As most people already know, we develop gamified questionnaires. We’ve been doing this for nearly ten years, building significant expertise in this field. However, we still notice confusion about the term “Gamified.” So, what do we mean by that?


The term gamification refers to applying game techniques and methodologies to non-game environments. This definition immediately answers a frequently asked question: No, it’s not a game; it’s about incorporating elements from games. These game elements include levels (dividing into sections), avatars (virtual characters), points (leaderboards and progress bars), and other ways to enhance the interactivity of an online environment.

Since the establishment of iamprogrez in 2012, we’ve demonstrated that these techniques can be used to make talent assessment appealing and accessible. We believe in reliably measuring soft skills, and currently, questionnaires are the best method for this. However, questionnaires are often dull and tend to be disliked and found tedious to complete. This results in less frequent usage. We view this as a missed opportunity; we believe everyone should have the opportunity to discover their talents. Gamification, in our view, is the best way to achieve this.

How Does It Work?

Questionnaires are often unnecessarily long and unengaging. We elevate the user experience by breaking down the questionnaires into levels and presenting them accordingly. While progressing through the questionnaires, users see their scores increase, and an avatar (often a paper airplane) following the cursor makes the environment interactive. Additionally, users advance to the next level as they answer questions. The goal is to provide users with a sense of progression and invite them to take the next step.

We’ve also structured the questions and accompanying text to create a pleasant flow, making candidates feel more comfortable while completing the questionnaire. As a result, they provide more sincere answers.


Over the past years, we’ve observed the impact of gamification on questionnaires. Particularly with young audiences, who expect a certain level of interactivity from all the tools they use, this approach resonates well. Therefore, our questionnaire works excellently as a pre-selection tool for entry-level candidates in the job market. Aligning user experience with candidate experience and the branding of the recruiting organization results in a seamless and effective flow in the application process. This is why we consistently score high on usability and user experience with all our clients.

If you want to experience how gamified questionnaires can enhance your selection process, feel free to contact us!

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