Why we do what we do

We have a passion for people, organisations, competencies, talent, soft skills, gaming, psychology, technology and data. Not necessarily in this order and it depends a bit on which one of us you ask.

We want people and organisations to be able to develop optimally and to be ready for the future (whatever it may look like). Our technology facilitates this through our next-generation assessments in which soft skills, future job skills, 21st-century skills are measured and made visible to both people and organisations.

We are convinced that professionals should be hired based on attitude and their skillset because of the high dynamics in the work field. This has of course come to light during COVID. Because a huge volume of personnel is departing, it is very important to put the right person in the right place.

Linda Frietman

CEO, IamProgrez


The world is now changing faster than ever. Never before have we faced such major complex social and societal challenges. At the same time, the development of new technologies is supersonic and entire industries are in a digital transformation phase.

In this constantly changing world in which technology is a given, the labour market is in flux. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the domains that are also undergoing a digital transformation themselves and where, due to the rapid, diverse and broad developments, education is less and less able to deliver students with a profile that matches job vacancies and the needs of employers.

Incidentally, you see this need across the entire labour market; from independent professionals, experts/advisors, start-ups to large international environments and in various domains where the digital transformation is currently taking place.

We want to shorten the HR decision-making process in such a way that there is also room for other fun things within the department. Drafting job vacancies and searching CVs is one of the most annoying things, according to recruiters themselves. Not to mention the range of extremely long and slow assessments.

Huib Langrbroek

COO, IamProgrez


We love our job. We want to make happiness at work a top priority for both organisation and the professional. The guiding principle here is that the professional/candidate has control over their playing field on the basis of their competencies and, ultimately, their attitude. We are convinced that, from an employer’s perspective, it is extremely attractive to think along with your personnel in the long term – our applications are a direct reason for HR to act at a strategic level. This generates more continuity in the long term and increases the retention of your own personnel.

We are also convinced that many HR procedures can be overhauled. Using static job boards, trawling through CVs – this can be done way faster and more fun, right? 


IamProgrez has developed a unique disruptive technology that provides insight into the qualities and motivations of (future) professionals. Our tech visualises the soft skills of employees in a playful and challenging way, which immediately creates more depth for the hiring manager. It gets even better: making the tool available to employees in all layers of the organisation – this increases the insight throughout the entire organisation as opposed to a specific department or a number of individuals.

With a combination of machine learning (AI), gamification techniques and smart data analyses, we measure competencies (soft skills/21st-century skills/future-proof skills/job skills).

Melior Hoekstra

CTO, IamProgrez


By asking a combination of multiple-choice questions and open questions, we generate unique insights that can be used for relevant management information for the entire HR cycle on an operational, tactical and strategic level, such as:

  • Recruitment
  • (Pre)selection
  • Matching, pre- en onboarding
  • L&D, team composition
  • Internal mobility, absenteeism management, etc.

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